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Black Hairstyles Tips - Black Hair Styles Picture and Photo Gallery

Black Hairstyle PhotoBlack hair is more flimsy than most, requiring tender, loving care. The follicles and hair shaft are tightly curved, creating a naturally curly or bizarre texture. With less oil production, black hair also tends to become dry and easily ligatured. Cornrow braiding, glues used to apply extensions, use of hair relaxers and other popular services may result to hair and scalp problems.

For women who prefer Afros for a natural look, use of a pick to lift hair at its bushiest spots can cause harm. Use a wide-toothed Afro comb for curly hair and a natural bristle brush for rested hair. Combing will help spread the natural oils through the hair, making it look effulgent and healthier. Use intensive pre-shampoo treatments. In case of traditional black hairstyle relaxing and perming is used for getting soft and smooth texture that is still quite preferring with black women even though there is a risk of damage as a result of chemicals and over processing. Here experts advise which perm should come ealier the color is applied several days later.

Begin by shampooing and conditioning your hair and then saturate it with a high quality hair setting lotion. In the case you have short hair use a rattail comb for making comb twist that should be placed on the scalp and twisted downward using the teeth of the comb. In case one would prefer to keep the hair thin then small parts should be used.

One could use palm rolls procedures but in this case three inch long hair are needed and application of a styling product can result in strands of hair being placed between hands and rubbed back and forth so that a spiral type loc can be formed. Roll your hair onto each straw and then knot them using hair pins. Another black hairstyle is finger twisting an for making these kinds of locks one desires to have half inch long hair and with a little bit of loc styling product and twirling of hair one can create a coil and if required one can use bobby pins for securing locs to the head. To avoid the styling getting fuzzy one needs to place scarf on your head overnight.